Welcome To PERAMAX

Peramax is your one-stop money remittance service that provides the best value for money and excellent personalized customer care!

Easily send money anywhere to the Philippines by choosing from our full range of money remittance services that includes bank to bank, door to door and cash pick up services.


Check our services and find that we are always inclined and dedicated in providing quality services and respecting our clients. At Peramax, we truly believe that everyone should be able to get the "max" out of each remittance with our competitive pricing and unprecedented speed. Its Max Speed and Max Savings. 

Our Services

  • BANK TO BANK Same day credit (subject to a cut-off time)
  • DOOR TO DOOR 24-hour delivery within Metro Manila
  • CASH PICK-UP Cash is ready for pick-up max of 1 hour from processing.